Terracotta roofing tiles are one of those roofing tile classics that make a top-grade roofing choice. Although many commercial projects these days prefer PVC roofing, corrugated galvanized roofs or other similar modern materials, exemplary residential roofing tiles still offer superior benefits, both in terms of aesthetics and durability. However, terracotta roof tiles have been a popular traditional roofing choice that are still highly favored and widely available today.
Terracotta roofing tiles originally date back to French artisanal roofing choices. These roofing options are equal to and are at times much superior than granite and slate roofing tiles.

In addition, roofing tiles are affordable alternatives for expensive materials, which do not stint on either beauty or quality. Besides, unlike the 'orthodox' variants, terracotta roofing tiles are available in a wide array of designs, colors and styles. This allows greater flexibility in terms of aesthetics as well as possible range of applications. Terracotta roofing tiles generally come in two types of finishes - glazed or unglazed. They also go way beyond the brick-red hues offered by the authentic Italian terracotta.

Here are some of the major paybacks offered by terracotta roofing tiles, which make them one of the most sustainable and smart roofing options.

Long lasting Warranty of up to 50 Years

Durability is a major aspect that every property owner would want to invest in. After all no one would want to get into the hassle of unnecessary and untimely repairs and replacements of their roof tiles. Offering a whopping 50-year warranty, terracotta roofs are designed to last much longer and make beautiful and hard-wearing roofing options for your home. Terracotta tiles have vitrified body, which are impervious to water as well as air borne pollutants. Besides, they can also withstand Australia's harsh sunlight without breaking down.

Substantial Color Retention

Unlike other roofing options, terracotta roof tiles substantially retain their appeal with time and this helps in maintaining the aesthetics of your home for a longer time. They are crafted using natural clay, which are resistant to temperatures up to 1100 degree Celsius. Therefore, they offer exceptional choice and strength along with low maintenance and superior color retention properties.

Frost Resistance and Salt Safe

Terracotta tiles are generally resistant to frost and are highly salt safe. This makes them suitable even for those locations that are in close proximity of breaking surfs as well as coastal areas.

Superior Acoustics

If you are particular about enjoying quieter indoors, then terracotta roofs make a perfect choice for you. The density of these roofs help them in reducing the external noises, such as that of trains, air-crafts and traffic. In fact, these roof tiles have the capacity to reduce the sound by 30 decibels, as opposed to 12 decibels offered by other common alternatives.

Higher Fire Resistance and Better Thermal Performance

Thermal performance of a roof is a parameter that has major impact on the indoor temperatures. This in turn is directly proportional to the energy used inside the house. Terracotta roofs offer superior thermal performance and will help you in reducing your energy costs. Terracotta roofs are non-combustible. This property makes them a perfect choice for areas that are prone to bush fires.

Above all, terracotta roofs are generally non-toxic. Besides, if you keep your roof cleaner, you can make use of this for collecting rainwater for reuse. In addition, these roofs allow the structure to breathe by allowing the air to circulate within the roof rafters. All these are done while completely keeping out the moisture and heat. Therefore, these tiles help you in achieving more comfortable and decidedly cooler indoors.

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