What Makes HEBEL an Ideal Material for Reconstruction in Bush Fire Prone Areas?

Staying prepared while constructing in a bush fire prone area is definitely non-negotiable for the Australian households. The ever-persisting threat of losing your business or home to an unforeseen blaze is a harsh reality. This makes it important to select building materials that safeguard your property from the unpredictable outbreak of the Australian bush fire. Designed for the long-term future of the Australian living, Hebel makes an environmentally responsible building system. Excellent fire resistance along with higher level of design flexibility has made Hebel a popular choice for bush fire prone areas.

Hebel products meet and even exceed the six Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) categories. So, all the blocks and the building elements that Hebel uses are completely in compliance with the Australian BAL standards. This makes them a perfect choice for bush fire prone areas. Besides, Hebel is a solid versatile masonry, which can be used for, internal and external walls, decks, fencing and floors. Being non-combustible they do not explode under extreme heat. Striking a right balance between mass making and thermal insulation Hebel makes an ideal choice for construction in bush fire prone areas.

Here is an overview of what Hebel offers:

  • Better Sub flooring options: This includes Hebel blocks and Power panels to make resilient and secured sub flooring.
  • Alternative to decks and external stairs: Hebel offers you a solid alternative to your regular decks and stairs in your bush fire prone areas.
  • Proper fencing: Hebel has the best fencing applications. The fencing comes with proper steel posts and non-combustible panels, making it perfect for bounding your area with better fencing designs and most importantly, better fire safety system.
  • The Hebel Products: To maintain an all safety zone at all times, Hebel has products that are specifically designed to cater to all the bush fire safety requirements. Some of its products are:
  • Hebel AutoClaved Concrete: This is a highly non-combustible product that makes Hebel suitable for constructing walls, floors, fences etc. This product has got the ultimate thermo repellent capacity to avoid any explosions even under extreme heat conditions.
  • Hebel Power Panel: These are steel reinforced power panels that provide serve as a superior solution for external walling system. With non-combustible properties and flexibility of steel, these power panels will be perfect for your walls.
  • Hebel Power Block: The building blocks that Hebel uses have inbuilt thermal insulating properties. This makes Hebel Power Blocks fire free right from the base level. Consequently, Hebel power blocks make a better alternative to regular brick blocks with immense strength and higher fire-resistance properties.
  • Hebel Powerfloor: Hebel offers you bush fire safety right from the base level. With power floor products, you can have the safest possible flooring system throughout your home. After all, floors have to be strong and concrete. This is exactly what Hebel offers.

All these factors make Hebel products a 'go to construction masonry' for construction in bush fire zones. It gives you all the freedom to design, while retaining all the properties required to keep your home safe and protected from the damages caused by bush fire. Choosing such an innovative, sustainable and proven building product like Hebel will ensure utmost safety. Featuring advanced technology and elements that are distinctively fire resistant, Hebel offers you the best possible construction solution for bush fire prone areas.

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