Slate Roofing Tiles Your 'Lifetime' Roofing System

Wise roofing choice imparts, beauty, personality, charm and protection to any property. Having a long and storied history, slate roofs are known for their quality, longevity and beauty. Offering superior durability, these tiles help you in adding a distinct touch of timeless elegance to your property. Being a natural stone product, slate roofing tiles offer some huge upsides. These make them an investment that is worth considering. Even oldest of the homes sport slate tiles. These elegant stone roofing tiles are one of the most durable shingles that are available in the market today.

Priced for their beauty and endurance, they make a natural cleft surface that features beautiful color variations. Well, there is more to slate roofs than their beauty. They are environment friendly and offer superior fire resistance. This property makes them extremely functional roof tiling options. Although slate roof tiles are acclaimed for their remarkable longevity and natural beauty, investing in them is certainly a huge financial commitment. Therefore, evaluating its paybacks becomes critical.

Low Maintenance and High Durability

Slate is a natural stone. This makes it more durable than various other man-made materials. Besides, slate has high density. This property of slate makes it waterproof, therefore it does not absorb water. In addition, slate is completely non-combustible. This ensures that your home is protected and stays safe in case of accidental fire outbreaks. Being highly temperature resistant, slate roof offers protection against inclement weather conditions. Another added advantage is that, these roofs are not affected by molds and fungus. This makes them practically maintenance free. Therefore, you can forego huge repair and maintenance expenses.

Higher Resale Value

Although there are many people who are extremely passionate about having nothing but the best for their space, resale value is one aspect, which no one would want to ignore. The permanence, aesthetic appeal and durability of the slate roofs make your property more attractive to your prospective buyers, if you ever make up your mind to sell.

Unmatched Endurance

When it comes to endurance, there are very few roofing options that can compete with slate roof tiles. Slates will easily last for over ten decades. This is double of most of the other roofing options can offer. If you do not plan to sell your property, then incredible longevity makes it a highly desirable option.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Natural beauty is one of the most appealing features of slate. This roofing option enhances the overall appeal of any architectural style. Today, slate roofs are available in a wide array of natural slate textures and colors. Some of the slate roof tiles' color options are gray, green, black, red and purple. There are tiles, which come in a mixture of hues. Furthermore, slate shingles are generally shaped by hand. They are made to meet specific requirements of the home owners and can also be customized in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Irrespective of the age, slate tiles will maintain their distinctive charm and appearance.

Help You in Contributing Your Bit to Greener Environment

The longevity of the slate makes it an extremely environment friendly roofing choice. Currently, roofing waste makes up 5% of all the construction waste that makes its way into the landfills. By opting for slating tiles for your roofing needs you will make a great difference in preventing the roofing wastes that adds to the shrinking landfill space. Therefore, slate roofs will prevent you from contributing to this waste.

Invest Once But Enjoy Throughout Your Life

Although asphalt roofing is one of the most sought after roofing choices, slate roofing has been reigning the market for decades now. Slate roofs might cost a bit higher upfront, but the price is worth paying when you consider long term durability and quality. Being a natural stone, slate roofing imparts unmatched class, elegance and sophistication to your property that lasts for a lifetime.

Thus, slate roofing tiles make a wonderful choice for home owners today. Whether you want a beauty that lasts for a lifetime or a great resale value, all your goals can be achieved with slate tiles.

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