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Building construction requires different types of materials for designated purposes. Siding and cladding is an important aspect of constructing both commercial and residential structures. Builders typically use siding and cladding for aesthetic and functional purposes. The sides of a building can be decorated and weather-proofed through the use of several devices.

Various types of siding and cladding are commercially available in the market. Such materials can be fashioned from wood, composite materials, metal, and plastics. While the basic structure of the building is made of concrete, bricks, stone chips, and sand mixed with cement, the siding and cladding can be relatively lightweight and easy to work with. It is noteworthy that builders and home owners can collaborate to impart interesting effects to the overall look and feel of both commercial and residential structures. Here are a few siding and cladding materials that one can opt for:

Plastics and vinyl:
Such structures are easy to fashion and offer an unlimited palette of colors to the interested homeowner. The basic material remains cheap and available in vast quantities in the market. These materials have their own limits and one cannot rely on them completely. In addition, these types of siding and cladding are less durable and might need to be replaced after some years of use.

It remains a strong contender in the siding and cladding market. Metallic constructions can be molded into durable siding and cladding, and this attribute boosts the material's commercial fortune significantly. Such siding and cladding typically lasts longer and offers excellent value for money to the average homeowner.

The materials such as polymer resins, fiberglass, and fly ash have been used in recent times to expand the siding and cladding market. Such construction presents a lightweight option to home builders and homeowners. The creators of such siding and cladding materials claim that such materials can be used to create endless types of siding and cladding that please the eye and can give a good commercial value.

The use of brick in designing siding and cladding imparts a sense of class to the exterior of a building. Brick constructions are typically more expensive but, the material offers long-term durability and a fantastic return on investment.

Different types of siding and cladding can be fashioned from brick and similar materials; they can be engineered to impart a sense of grandeur and permanence to a building. The use of brick also rhymes well with the day and night cycle (the diurnal cycle) and allows the passage of air and vapor, thereby ensuring creature comforts and preventing structural problems.

Similarly, stone cladding offers good value for money. Stone can be engineered with various designs and textures to create pleasing aesthetic effects. Artificial stone veneers can be used to create striking visual effects. Such materials are man-made and promote lightweight workmanship. The proper marketing of such new-age materials can expand the market for various types of siding and cladding.

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