Choose Masterwall System for Your Upper Floor Walls

The Masterwall system for upper floor walls is a subfloor insulation system designed for lightweight raised flooring types.

The Masterwall system comes in a panel size of 1150mm x 410mm with a thickness of 50mm, 75mm or 90mm. Whether you want a brand-new DIY product or are looking to upgrade an existing floor with retro-fit installation, the Masterwall system matches your needs perfectly.

Masterwall floor hebel walls deliver several impressive benefits, giving you more than one reason to own them:

#1 Impressive Thermal Insulation

Masterwall panels come with impressive R-values for thermal insulation. R-value refers to a material's capability to resist heat flow through a particular material/surface. A higher R-value is good as it restricts the heat loss.

Masterwall panels come with R-values of R 1.3 and R 2.0. Users can achieve an R-value of up to R3.2 with Masterwall. For timber or hebel floors, these R-values are more than the minimum standard requirement.

With high R-values, the Masterwall system offers excellent thermal comfort to occupants during summers and winters.

#2 Great Savings on Energy Bills

Floors can result in heat loss of up to 15%, which results in poor insulation and high energy- billing costs. With Masterwall's high R-values, you can save on your energy bills during winters and summers.

#3 Innovative "Concertina" Design for Easy Installation

The Masterwall system is innovative in design, featuring unique Concertina Edges. These edges enable the panel to compress and settle well between joists easily and securely during installation. On compression release, the panel grasps the setting rapidly, ensuring effective installation. As a result, you get a strong and stable installation.

#4 Fire-Retardant Make

The Masterwall system consists of a thick fire-retardant grade polystyrene make. The design is in compliance with fire safety requirements specified by the BCA (Building Code of Australia). 

In case of inadvertent or negligent actions such as dropping ignited cigarette pieces, or unfortunate grave fire accidents, this fire-resistant design reduces spread of fire and smoke in the area, safeguarding people and assets.

#5 A Durable Product

Expanded polystyrene used in the make of the Masterwall system comes with a closed cell structure. This structure facilitates impressive thermal insulation naturally and serves as a moisture barrier too. These features last for as long as the building lasts.

In addition, expanded polystyrene does not get damaged over time the material does not succumb to sagging or slumping. This reduces the stress and expenses of maintenance on the user.

These impressive features translate into a thermal insulation product that is highly durable and profitable in the long run.

The Masterwall system is a great choice for the environment-conscious modern buyer looking for an affordable solution that offers lasting benefits and best value for money.

BuildCor Roofing & Building Solutions is a trusted supplier of the Masterwall system for residential applications. We are a family business catering to entire Victoria.
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