Masterwall Thermal Insulation System

The Masterwall thermal insulation system can help achieve optimal comfort in your home. Experience warm winters and cool summers with Masterwall thermal insulation. What's more, the system brings in substantial cost savings too.

The Masterwall system delivers enhanced insulation effect and substantial energy and cost savings, with its following features:

Impressive Heat Resistance

Flooring with open floorboards has been known to result in a loss of heat of up to 15%. Add air draughts to the context, and the loss shoots up. The kind of wall cladding materials used by the building also accounts for heavy heat loss.

With Masterwall underfloor thermal insulation, the floor will trap the heat within your home and prevent the occurrence of air draughts, thereby substantially controlling heat loss.

The Masterwall insulation system for walls and subfloors comes with a high R-value a rating that assesses a product's capability to resist transmission of heat. The higher the R-value, the better the product is, at controlling heat loss.

Masterwall subfloor thermal insulation offers an impressive R-value of R1.3 and R2.0. An R-value of up to R3.2 is achievable. 

Masterwall cladding products employ highly heat-efficient materials to reduce heat loss. The system's 125mm polystyrene panel, 10mm internal plasterboard, and stud frame, together can achieve an R-rating of up to R3.9.

Efficient System Design

Masterwall systems use panels derived as by-products from oil processing. These panels are converted into high-performing insulation foams, to realise excellent heat resistance.

The result is instant with substantial cost-savings evident immediately in energy bills.

The design of the Masterwall subfloor insulation system employs an innovative "concertina edges" feature. As a result, the system fits perfectly between floor joists without leaving any openings in between panels. This perfect fit prevents loss of heat, resulting in impressive thermal insulation.

Use of Thermal Insulation-Friendly Materials

Masterwall systems are lightweight and easier to install, which prevents problems such as floorboard gaps that can arise due to faulty installations. This aids in controlling heat loss.

The use of high-quality efficient materials such as expanded polystyrene for subfloor insulation will enhance the thermal insulation efficiency. Expanded polystyrene, for example, has a natural closed cell structure, which aids in thermal insulation.

Products used in the system are not prone to damages arising from factors such as slumping and sagging. As a result, Masterwall systems exist for the lifetime of the building, offering their thermal insulation benefits.

A home with efficient insulation can bring in cost savings of up to 20% on energy bills. By saving energy, you'll also be contributing to a greener planet.

The Masterwall system, with its excellent features, makes for a smarter choice of insulation product for any home.

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We are trusted suppliers of Masterwall products, catering to the needs of clients searching for best-quality products for their new homes, or looking to retrofit their homes with more energy- and cost-efficient alternatives.  

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