MasterWall Skyline waterproofing systems

For several years, parapet and balcony designs on residential and commercial projects have been ruined by unsightly metal capping, which detract from the overall artistic appeal of the entire design. Being a vital part of the construction process, an unfortunate reality is that they do not particularly look attractive. Thankfully, today there is an alternative option MasterWall Skyline waterproofing systems.

This can be easily applied over brick substrates or MasterWall cladding without necessarily pressing the metal capping. This option assures continuation of the design, which is incorporated into the structure. So now, just breathe easy as you learn that incorporating a balcony or a parapet into your construction design need not come with studs. Instead, you can simply perpetuate the style of the entire building and make everything look awesome.

Built to Withstand Harsh Australian Conditions

Skyline's waterproof membranes have been designed to surpass Australian standards for external waterproofing and can withstand the harsh Australian conditions. The smooth Skyline system imparts a monolithic finish to balcony and parapet heads and the sloped head design of this system makes it stain free. It is designed to withstand temperatures from -10° C to 100° C and building movement of up to 35 degrees.

Skyline waterproof systems are generally placed in between the polystyrene Masterwall wedge and outer fiberglass reinforcing mesh and held in placing using the adhesive approved by the Masterwall. The non-woven polyester fibre face of Skyline, then serves as an added waterproofing mechanism, which is ready for the render to be applied.

Revolutionary Product Popular Choice for Construction

This revolutionary product is now quickly becoming a product of choice for numerous construction firms as well as commercial and residential builders and architects. This popularity is mainly due to its unique sleek design and unparalleled efficiency. As it can be smoothly incorporated into the finish of buildings, it makes both a practical and an attractive option for almost all types of construction projects. The construction industry is now rapidly accepting Skyline systems. Designers, builders and architects are now joining with construction firms in praising this revolutionary product

With waterproofing systems revolutionizing every passing day, it is important for you to choose nothing but the best to create tough architectural structures that withstand the test of time. Therefore, for your next architectural project, do not settle for anything but the best waterproofing system, which will seamlessly integrate into the design and enhance the overall look of the property by opting for Skyline.

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