List of 7 Major Advantages Of Concrete Roof Tiles

Roof tiles are the most popular roofing material and for very good reason. The natural properties of the building materials combined with advancements in roofing technology have resulted in the continued success of concrete roofing tiles. Here are the major advantages of concrete roofing tiles.

1.Built to Last

Our concrete roofing tiles come with a 20 year warranty against defects. These roofing tiles are very strong and are designed specifically to withstand the sometimes harsh Australian climate.

2.Available in a Range of Options

Multiple tile designs are available allowing you to select the perfect roof tile colour and design to complete your home.

3.Indoor Comfort

The quality of your concrete roof tiles has a major impact on the temperature inside your home and how much energy is required in order to maintain a comfortable temperature year-round. Sarking, additional insulation, a lighter roof tile colour, and passive design considerations can greatly improve the performance of your concrete roofing tiles.

4.Low Maintenance

Once your concrete roof tiles are installed, there is very little maintenance required. In addition, if damage were to ever occur to your roof, you would only need to replace the affected tiles and not the entire roof.

5.Fire Resistance

Concrete roof tiles are non-combustible, making them safe to use in areas that are prone to bushfires.


Concrete roof tiles are non-toxic which means that they are safe to use for the collection of rainwater for reuse. In addition, the surfaces of these concrete roof tiles are manufactured to AS 2049 to ensure that the surface treatment is completely free from elements or chemicals in concentrations that are known to be health hazards.

7.Sound Reduction

Concrete roof tiles deliver superior sound performance, allowing you to enjoy more peace and quiet inside your home. These roof tiles will help to eliminate external sounds, such as those coming from aircraft, trains, and traffic.

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