Improve Building Process with Hebel

What Is Hebel?

Hebel is a high-performance building product that is 100% manufactured in Australia by CSR Building Products Limited. Hebel is a strong yet lightweight building product that is used to create sustainable and comfortable homes. Hebel is made from AAC (Autoclaved aerated concrete) and is available in panels or blocks.

What Makes Hebel The Most-Preferred Building Material For Modern Homes?

Strong And Secure

In comparison to several other forms of concrete, Hebel wall panel is a construction material that is lightweight in nature. Though it's density is low, when compared to other types of concrete it's compressive strength is quite good. Hebel panels render maximum durability and strength since they are steel reinforced panels and come with an anti-corrosion layer.


When compared to brick veneer or concrete, the environmental impact of Hebel is lesser by 30%. Hebel panels produce 55% fewer greenhouse emissions and use 60% less embodied energy, hence it is a more energy efficient and sustainable construction material.

Energy Efficient

The superior insulation qualities of Hebel panels help home owners to save a lot on their heating and cooling energy costs. It has been proven that homes built with Hebel PowerPanel XL perform better in comparison with those that are built with brick veneer in terms of both heating and cooling.

Speeds Up The Construction Process

Construction companies can keep a control on their project's schedule and cost with ease when they choose Hebel systems. This is because Hebel systems are faster to construct and require less labour versus traditional masonry construction.

Minimizes Risk

CSR Hebel renders high-performance solutions that significantly decrease the number of fire and acoustic risk points in construction. NCC fire and acoustic rating compliance can be achieved with ease since Hebel systems are proven, tested, and well-designed.

Better Acoustics

The innovative qualities of Hebel help in reducing sound transmission between rooms and external sources. Homeowners can enjoy enhanced privacy in their day-to-day lives.

Other Benefits Of Choosing Hebel Masonry Products

  • Cost effective
  • Not affected by weather during installation
  • Can be installed easily by normal on-site tradesmen such as carpenters
  • Extremely strong
  • High fire rating

Buildcor Building Solutions is your one-stop solution for all your construction needs. From Hebel fencing and wall systems to CSR Hebel products, we have it all. We are well-equipped with all the required building and construction products that are necessary to set up top-grade reflective barriers for your residential, commercial and industrial premises. Our professionals will help you with the construction materials you need according to your specific needs. You can either call us at 03 9359 3434 or send us an email at

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