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How Does MasterWall Help in Thermal Insulation?


The Masterwall thermal insulation system can help achieve optimal comfort in your home. Experience warm winters and cool summers with Masterwall thermal insulation. What's more, the system brings in substantial cost savings too. Read More

Why Should You Choose the Masterwall System for Your Upper Floor Walls?


The Masterwall system for upper floor walls is a subfloor insulation system designed for lightweight raised flooring types. The Masterwall system comes in a panel size of 1150mm x 410mm with a thickness of 50mm, 75mm or 90mm. Whether you want a brand-new DIY product or are looking to upgrade an existing floor with retro-fit installation, the Masterwall system matches your needs perfectly. Read More

MasterWall Skyline


For several years, parapet and balcony designs on residential and commercial projects have been ruined by unsightly metal capping, which detract from the overall artistic appeal of the entire design. Being a vital part of the construction process, an unfortunate reality is that they do not particularly look attractive.Read More

MasterWall K-Series - A Story of Innovation Water Corporation


The Chlorine Building at the Water Treatment Plant, is a state-of-the art chlorine-treatment facility, which is based in Perth metro area. The plant was designed to establish a stable internal air temperature. The facility required high thermal efficiency, for which the specified solution was innovative, super high performance, insulated wall-cladding systems from MasterWall K series.Read More

How To Choose The Right Roof Tile For Your Roof


Whether you are building, extending, renovating, or just re-roofing your home, it is a good idea to choose your roofing tiles carefully. You need roofing tiles that are not only reliable but also complement the architectural style of your home.Read More

7 Major Advantages Of Concrete Roof Tiles


Roof tiles are the most popular roofing material and for very good reason. The natural properties of the building materials combined with advancements in roofing technology have resulted in the continued success of concrete roofing tiles. Here are the major advantages of concrete roofing tiles.Read More

Improving The Building Process With Hebel


Hebel is a high-performance building product that is 100% manufactured in Australia by CSR Building Products Limited. Hebel is a strong yet lightweight building product that is used to create sustainable and comfortable homes. Hebel is made from AAC (Autoclaved aerated concrete) and is available in panels or blocks.Read More

How to Know Whether to Repair or Replace Your Roof?


The roofing of your property takes a lot of abuse from the external elements, and most of the times it is difficult to understand whether your roof needs to be repaired or replaced altogether.Read More

Types of siding and cladding


Building construction requires different types of materials for designated purposes. Siding and cladding is an important aspect of constructing both commercial and residential structures. Builders typically use siding and cladding for aesthetic and functional purposes. The sides of a building can be decorated and weather-proofed through the use of several devices.Read More

What Makes HEBEL an Ideal Material for Reconstruction in Bush Fire Prone Areas?

Staying prepared while constructing in a bush fire prone area is definitely non-negotiable for the Australian households. The ever-persisting threat of losing your business or home to an unforeseen blaze is a harsh reality. Read More

Discover how locally sourced products boost your construction's sustainability and credibility

An essential viewpoint irrespective of the size of your construction project is to employ products or materials that are locally sourced. It is a great way to ensure that you are headed towards constructing a sustainable building and equally doing your part for environmental conservation. [Read More]

Being Climate-Wise - Making a Perfect Roofing Choice for your Home

The region in which you live will have a major impact on the type of roofing solution you choose for your property. Although personal preference, aesthetic value and price are some of the important factors, they are not the only factors, which have to be considered. [Read More]

Slate Roofing Tiles - Your 'Lifetime' Roofing System

Wise roofing choice imparts, beauty, personality, charm and protection to any property. Having a long and storied history, slate roofs are known for their quality, longevity and beauty. [Read More]

What Makes Terracotta Roof Tiles a Smart and Sustainable Roofing Choice?

Terracotta roofing tiles are one of those roofing tile classics that make a top-grade roofing choice. Although many commercial projects these days prefer PVC roofing, corrugated galvanized roofs or other similar modern materials, exemplary residential roofing tiles still offer superior benefits, both in terms of aesthetics and durability. [Read More]

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